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I want that jacket in my possession!!

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hola que tal! 610904776_NuevoLienzo.jpg.06ea3168c2ca914c558d883c2ef9446b.jpg

MMMMmh!...if there is a good citizen on the side of light,
I need help,
This is something that has me stressed for several days,

since I try to change the default garment of the male character of kotor 2, the normal clothes that the character wears for the atton jacket,

but I can't find any mod that does that, and I'm not good at editing 3d models, nor looking for files, that kind of thing drives me crazy, and it tires me psychologically
The only thing I can do is edit the textures with my "artistic" skills,
but I don't change the model of the protagonist's normal clothes for Atton's clothes,
and I go crazy!
please help me before i turn...into...nutless chocolate

well i hope for an answer soon



personally I would like the head of PMHC05 with atton's clothes





here I have some icons of how I thought my character would be in kotor ll
(they are obviously edited)


new update of my request,

here I have a skin that I made for the clothes that my character will wear, it is not much but it is what I managed to do,


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I can do this, but I'm off on vacation in less than a day and for 2 weeks. If anyone else wants to take this, please do.

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