Trying to replace Star Forge robes with jedi robes but they look funky

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SWEET MOTHER OF BUNNIES I got it working!!

So it seems the issue is that - for whatever reason - while the Female versions of the mdl/mdx worked, it was looking for the Male texture which didn't match.  So I renamed the Female texture to PMBJ02.tga and it works! (I'm assuming the Male texture would have to be used for male MCs).

Man oh man lol.


I'd still like a little advice on how to make it a regular option for a future game (without replacing an existing colour, I know how to do that). :)


Success! ^-^




Original request:


Hi! I absolutely love downloading mods for my game, and I've even started tweaking a few things myself. But I seem to have hit a snag.

I downloaded the gold robes from @Kainzorus Prime's K1 Jedi Robes Replacement Pack (as Don Kain) hoping I could rename the files and use that as my Star Forge robes (See picture). It's close but it's not quite right. What am I missing?

I was also wondering how one would add these robes as an option for the rest of the game while not replacing any existing jedi coloured outfits. I've downloaded a few mods with new items (such as Yuthura's Gift in the Yuthura Ban recruitment mod) but I'm not sure how to go about it myself. Thanks! 

PS: though these robes are not an option for a player in the base game, any chance they might have an icon I could use?

:) ^-^

This is what I get (left)




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