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MOD:Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle Bypass

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Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle Bypass

Tower of Hanoi Bypass
by Sdub


I absolutely hate the Tower of Hanoi puzzle in Korriban, I sought to make a way to bypass it that kinda made some lore sense. So with the assistance of @DarthParametric this mod was born.

In this version for now until I have more time, you will need a Computer Use skill of 10 or more for the dialogue selection to show up.


Future Plans will include a more more scaled roll for your level with a failure message.

Place Files into your override folder

Delete files that you placed in your override

Would not be able to work with any other mod that edits kor39_pillar.dlg

K1R Compatible:    

Tools Used:
DLG Editor
KOTOR Scripting Tool

Big thanks to the KOTOR Modding Discord

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