New Republic Armor for "Recruit Sarna"

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I realize I have made similar requests, my first in 2015, but, as it appears my "Recruit Sarna" mod will work, I hoped someone could help modify and retexture armor to give Sarna unique armor. I believe, if the textures for the Republic officer uniform, the Republic soldier uniform, and Sith armor could be applied to the Sith uniform, or if the models can be merged, the uniform would appear similar to Republic armor from the Mandalorian Wars. I have been trying to create this. I attempted to modify the Republic soldier uniform by removing the shoulder guards and applying Republic officer textures, but the color maps differ, and I could not merge the different shoulder pads. Further, the Republic officer coat extends too far down, and the Republic officer uniform appears too bulky. I had problems similar when attempting to modify models for the Female Sith Apprentice and the base clothing for Juhani. Could someone help create this armor for Sarna? I can give more information.



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