RESOURCE:Diatium-Charged Escrima - Dual Wield Stun Batons

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Diatium-Charged Escrima - Dual Wield Stun Batons

Hello! This is my first very first, and very basic, mod.

Nothing in here that anyone else couldn't do with Kotor Tool, but I thought I would share it all the same. I am releasing this as a modder's resource because I am actually planning on including it in a larger mod I have planned later on. As such, to access this you will need to use the cheat "~giveitem dualstun_mas".


Drop the files into your override folder and use the giveitem cheat to acquire them in game.


I always liked the idea of stun batons in KOTOR 1. They seem custom fit for scoundrels and should line up really nice opportunities for sneak attack. However, in the course of KOTOR's development it seems like the original combat devs could not get a handle on how to implement them. Opportunities for sneak attack are great, but you rarely fight alone with a non-jedi in KOTOR...

With two turns of stun, if you land a stun effect the enemy is massacred. Lower the rate the stun can occur, you almost never see it happen. Dual wield stun batons and suddenly a jedi character can land 5 hits in a turn and the stun effect still hits too often. Only allow one stun baton at a time? With the other tweaks, it no longer makes sense to equip it on anyone.

This all feels like a solvable problem that just wasn't worth the developer's time...the perfect opportunity for modders.

This mod attempts to rectify the problem of stun batons by tweaking their stats and allowing for the much cooler implementation of dual wielding (I am thinking about you Nightwing). To do this, I reskinned a shortsword and added a bevy of stats and effects. These tweaks should make these stun batons useful for most of the game by allowing your scoundrel character to rely on their sneak attack to deal most of the damage. Since sneak attacks scale with you as you level, these should always be useful.


These stun batons are meant to be dual-wielded. They deal very little damage on their own and only have a 25% chance of even attempting to stun. They deal electrical damage, deal extra against droids to compensate for stun immunity, and have a small chance to deal some extra critical damage. Fully upgraded, these stun batons will pale in comparison to even mid-game weapons on their own. The DC is set to 18 so that there is a chance, however small, that even boss level enemies could fail their saves and provide an opening. 

These Diatium-Charged Escrima are meant to set up sneak attack. As such, I have restricted these to scoundrels by requiring the Scoundrel's luck feat. As this is a modder's resource, it is your choice how you'd want to implement them. In an unmodded game, these batons will primarily get use from Mission. Potentially some early use from the PC, but they will quickly be outpaced by lightsabers. A fully specced out Misson could dominate with these weapons, but she would need several different feats and/or use stealth to make full use.

Future updates/Requests:

  • Reskinning! The current texture/model is from the Bothan Stun Stick. I would love to recolor these black, but I have no knowledge/tools needed to change textures.
  • Stretching out the modelRight now these are the stock model for stun batons, to fit as escrima they should be longer. Same as above, I have none of the tools or experience to make that happen right now.


Anyone can feel free to use this for anything you'd like! It is meant to be a very self contained way of implementing dual Stun Batons, so it should work with anything else.


Fred Tetra for their amazing KOTOR Tool

@Thor110 for their general help and modding tutorials!


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