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MOD:Specific Traits: A Fun Immersion Mod

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Specific Traits: A Fun Immersion Mod


The definition of a "because I can" mod. Also cos sometimes you just need to spice up your gameplay a little.

Gives certain non-human companions and adversaries a vulnerability and strength based on their biology/build.

Juhani: vulnerable to sonic weaponry, increased reflex saving throw

Zaalbar/Wookiees: vulnerable to fire, resistant to bludgeoning

Mission/Twi'leks: vulnerable to cold, resistant to electricity

All Droids (except Rakata-built): vulnerable to electricity, resistant to bludgeoning/slashing

There have also been minor tweaks to NPCs aimed at immersion: namely, twi'leks have had their models changed where possible to under-used colors, and Xor's thugs while still planet-dependent are human rather than alien. Don't have screens of those though, because if I've done my job right you won't notice it.



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