Guidance on First Mod: Companion Quest Rewards for K1

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Hello! I am extremely new to modding, but I have an idea I want to pursue that I would appreciate any guidance on.

The rough outline is to bring a version of TSL’s richer companion interactions to K1. The method would be to equip a custom “hide” item into your companion’s hidden inventory slot when you finish a companion’s relevant optional quest as a buff/reward. This is the same way that HK-47 receives all their buffs from your relevant repair attempts. The goal is to boost the weaker non-jedi characters, while providing some incentive/satisfaction for pursuing their individual storylines.

In my own attempt to research this, I have the following basics mapped out:

  • I would need to create new .uti files for the items containing the buffs. 
  • I would need to create a script that equips the item in the “hide” slot (or replace an item already there)
  • I need to then attach(?) that script to the dialog or journal event associated with completing the relevant quest
  • I would also need to change/add text to the last dialog entry associated with that quest to explain to players the nature of the boost [ala HK-47’s repair boosts]

The relevant characters and quests are:

Carth → Finding Dustil
Mission → Mission’s brother
Canderous → Jagi’s Challenge
Zaalbar → Chieftain in Need

The boosts would attempt to make each character closer to the utility of jedi in a way that is consistent with the narrative:




  • Carth (Keen & Massive Criticals)
    • The goal is emphasize seizing a chance to make a difference, i.e. revenge on Saul. 
  • Mission (Force Immunity: Fear + Stun & Bonus Damage to Dark Alignment)
    • Mission wants to prove that she isn’t a kid who needs protecting, so giving her the ability to stand her own against dark jedi feels appropriate.
  • Canderous (Ability to equip lightsabers)
    • Considering his strength build, his association with Jedi, and other Mandalorian lightsaber users, this feels like a unique boost to his character. I also believe he would abandon such a practice as he shifted to his role as Mandalore in TSL. Would pair well with JC’s Darksaber mod for K1
  • Zaalbar (+5 defense)
    • Part of the culmination of his storyline is the implication he will return to lead his people one day. I think this would shift his sense of self-preservation (exiled vs. future leader).



I am not posting this in the mod requests section because I would like to figure this out on my own. Looking through the mod tools and tutorial sections, there are a few different tools I could use? Which ones are the best for this kind of task? I have tried to get JRLedit and dlg editor, but I can’t seem to get them working on my computer.

Am I on the right track? Is any part of this just not going to work? Any guidance or redirect to the right resources would be amazing.

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It sounds like you already have a fair handle on things, there are a lot of tools required for modding the game currently, depending on what exactly it is you wish to do.

Personally I gathered them all and poked around until I decided which ones I needed over any other, that turned out to be the majority of them.

In the tutorials I wrote is a link to a 2 hour video / stream that gives a rough overview of KotOR modding, not sure if that might be of any use to you.

Alternatively I would primarily suggest

KotOR Tool
K-GFF Editor
2DA Editor
Dialog Editor
KotOR Toolset
KotOR Find References Utility

There are a fair few beyond that that I have, but these are the main ones I use or have been using up until now.

And of course there is also KLE ( KotOR Level Editor ) which is a fantastic new tool which has made life a lot easier for modding the games and is no doubt going to end up a very powerful tool for modding these games.

Hopefully that might help guide you in the right direction, though it sounds like you would have found your way to the right tools on your own eventually :)


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