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Best Version of Kotor 2?

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Hello All,

Been a while. 

I'm trying to reinstall Kotor 2 again as my last modded game ran into an issue where I couldn't proceed with the Restoration Project Droid quest, as the Telosian Solider (Who triggers the Thugs in the Dock) wouldn't talk to me, thus stopping me from proceeding with the Telos Main Storyline. Realising my backup vanilla files are on a external harddrive that is broken, I need to reinstall the game via my old 5 disk copy. Unfortunely when installing, it told me certain data couldn't be extracted…

I am now in a predicament where either I can install my Collection edition, which historically I have had issues modding with my old PC, or re-buy a copy of the 5 Disk Version,  and then there is the Steam version to consider, which I have never tried before. As I haven't modded the game or played these versions in a long time, I have sought the wise council of this knowledgeable community to ask: What is the best version of Kotor 2? Or more specifically which is the best version for mods?

The OG 5 disk is dependable, but sometimes can be a hassle, and it doesn't contain the shinny new perks that come with the newer versions. The collection Version is cool, but I have had problems with mods like  Jorak Ulin's TSL Origin's mods which are essential for me , however this maybe not true anymore, as it was 6 years ago I last played the collection version. Where as the Steam version I have never played, although I have heard it has similar issues to the Collection Version regarding mods. 

Let me know which version I should go for :)

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5 hours ago, DeadMan said:


IMO the best version for modding is the one from GOG.


Is there something special about the GOG version Vs the Original?

Steam users can also set the game to LegacyPC to obtain the original version.

On 2/14/2021 at 10:38 PM, bendarby24 said:

Let me know which version I should go for :)

Honestly if I were you, I wouldn't get another version, the original version is as dependable as they get, if you are desperate for the shiny perks go download the Cracked Aspyr Patch available at :

This works with GoG, Original, LegacyPC etc

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