A Mandalorian Merchant Mod

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I wanted to make a mod which adds a retired mandalorian to the game who sells exotic gear collected in his time as a young warrior on the fringes of the galaxy. The problem? I've never made any mods and have barely any clue what I'm doing. If I could get some help, it would be awesome to create this and possibly more mods in the future.

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There are a lot of parts involved, but this is perfectly reasonable first as a first attempt at modding if you are prepared to learn.

The basic steps are:

  1. Create the merchant NPC (UTC file)
  2. Create the store inventory (UTM file)
  3. Add the merchant and store to the the game
  4. Create a dialogue (DLG file) so you can talk to the merchant and attach this to the Conversation field on the merchant
  5. Write a script to open the store and attach this to a node in the dialogue file

Here are the essential tools required for the job:

  • KOTOR Tool to extract files
  • K-GFF to edit the merchant's UTC file, store inventory UTM file, and UTI files for any new items you might want to create
  • DLGEditor to edit the merchant's dialogue
  • NWNNSSComp to compile scripts
  • TSLPatcher and ERFEdit for compatibility if you intend to release the mod

You can find a rundown of the most common modding tools here.

There is also an archived tutorial from LucasForums on how to create a merchant here.

A couple more notes:

  • For my Jedi Tailor mod, I added a trigger (UTT file) to the dynamic area information (GIT file) that spawned the merchant and all other related objects. I felt that this had the smallest footprint and would therefore be best for compatibility.
  • I also added a few invisible placeable objects to keep track of local variables relating to the tailor's dialogue. KOTOR 1 typically uses global variables for this, and I feel this should be avoided unless strictly necessary, again for compatibility. KOTOR 2 has more local variables available, so the merchant could handle them all alone.
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I decided to put this on hold as my head was getting too many ideas I'm not ready to handle.

On an unrelated note, nwnnsscomp seems to not be working on my end. I just got an exe file, not sure if I needed some other files to run it?

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It's a commandline program, not GUI-based. You need to either run it from a command prompt or use a batch file. I posted one previously here.

It also requires a copy of nwscript.nss from the game to be placed in the same folder as the exe. Since the two games have differing script functions, you'll need two copies of the program in different folders if you want to compile for both K1 and TSL.

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