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  1. I'm planning on rebalancing, mostly buffing, the classes and party member's stats and equipment and stuff. But the game is already pretty easy, hence I wanted to buff the enemies to go along with it. Could I just modify the enemy utcs and call it a day, or would I need to rip em out from each module, buff them, and compile the module again?
  2. I've decided to pick up my previous project again now that I'm freer, and wanted to modify the enemies to work with my intended player and party buffs. I don't think directly modifying the utc files would work, right?
  3. Ah, thanks. Hopefully I can finish my mod then.
  4. I decided to put this on hold as my head was getting too many ideas I'm not ready to handle. On an unrelated note, nwnnsscomp seems to not be working on my end. I just got an exe file, not sure if I needed some other files to run it?
  5. Aight. Big dancc for the advice, will ask again if I get stuck anywhere.
  6. I wanted to make a mod which adds a retired mandalorian to the game who sells exotic gear collected in his time as a young warrior on the fringes of the galaxy. The problem? I've never made any mods and have barely any clue what I'm doing. If I could get some help, it would be awesome to create this and possibly more mods in the future.