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MOD:Manaan Merc Overhaul

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Manaan Merc Overhaul

MANAAN MERC OVERHAUL for Star WarsTM - Knights of the Old Republic
by garm343

Version: 1.0.0 completed 9/9/20

This mod makes changes to the appearance of the various mercenaries the player will encounter while on Manaan. It adds armor to the mercenaries who appear unarmored in the vanilla version of the game and changes the armor visible on each merc to one that is appropriate for that merc’s culture. For example, the Mandalorian merc will now wear Mandalorian armor and the Echani mercs will wear Echani armor. This mod also changes the faces and hair of the Echani mercs so that they now look like Echani (white hair, silvery eyes, and pale complexions). The stun baton carried by the Twi’lek merc in the underwater base is replaced with a heavy blaster instead. This mod does not alter the Iridorian merc’s appearance as he is already wearing his armor.

Double-click on the installer icon and when prompted direct it to your game folder (“swkotor”, in most cases). After selecting the folder, the mod will install automatically.


Delete the files in your Override folder that have the same names as the files found in the mod’s tslpatchdata folder. Replace the .2da files in the Override folder with the ones from the mod’s backup folder if you have previously-installed mods you want to keep that altered these .2da files.


This mod is compatible with any other mod that does not share the same .utc, .tga, .mdl, and .mdx file names as those found in this mod’s tslpatchdata folder. If any such files are present in your Override folder, this mod will not install properly.


This mod was made using the following tools:
    TSL Patcher v. 1.2.10b1
    ChangeEdit v. 1.0.5b1
    KOTOR Tool v. 1.0.2210.16738
    MDLedit v. 1.0.3
    GIMP v. 2.10.6
    Many thanks to the authors and developers of these programs!
    Thanks also to, BioWare and LucasArts.

Note:    Install this mod at your own risk. Neither the author of this mod, nor the companies and developers listed above assume any responsibility for any damage to the user’s computer. This mod is not supported by either BioWare or LucasArts.

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  • K1R Compatible


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Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for the late reply, I'm still finding my way around on this site as a mod creator.

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