SKIN:Player Head PFHB02 Dark Side Transition Eye Fix

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Player Head PFHB02 Dark Side Transition Eye Fix

The player head PFHB02 has an issue with the eyes of its Dark Side transition textures. Namely, whoever made them offset the eyeball overlay they were trying to blend over the top of the base texture, resulting in a progressively noticeable duplicated set of irises. This mod cleans up the irises so they look as intended. Three options are available. The original 256x256 textures with just the eyes edited, a version that has been AI upscaled to 1024x1024, and an version that is upscaled with the addition of eye textures taken from SWTOR.

Installation Instructions

Pick which version the want, copy those TPCs inside that folder to your Override folder.

Known Issues

The UVs of the head are terrible, so the pupils are a bit wonky. I didn't want to have to edit the head mesh to fix it, since that might affect other mods.


Won't be compatible with other retextures of PFHB02, obviously.


  • Thanks to @ndix UR for TGA2TPC
  • Thanks to @StellarExile for an issue post on the K1CP repo about this, which prodded me into remembering I had something for this
  • Original eye textures  for one version ported from The Old Republic MMO


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No, the vanilla LS/default texture is fine, so only the DS textures are needed for that version, since only the eye itself is changed. The other two versions are upscaled, so they also get a new version of the LS/default texture.

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