Looking for a Mod: Blue GUI for TSL

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I can't find mods that change green GUI to blue in TSL. I think I seen one of them on knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com years ago. There is actually old topic here about them


You can see it on screenshots of some old mods:


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I did quite a bit of searching for that one a while back, found signs of that it existed once, but no downloads. I hope someone kept it.

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On 5/7/2020 at 4:21 PM, Kexikus said:

I think I might still have it somewhere. I'll have a look on the weekend.

If you don't have it, I've asked a guy that did over on Reddit if he still he has it.  If he does, I'll share a link here.

I did try to work on this last night as I had a few hours to kill but unfortunately, I was missing a few of the icons, most of the borders, and all of the green text.  But if Kexikus and I both strike out on getting the original version of this, you can always try to continue what I started.  The attachment has the file where I've stopped work.

To quote @LoneWanderer...

9 hours ago, LoneWanderer said:

I tested it on Peragus. It recolors some parts of GUI. As you can see on screenshots, icons in the upper right corner and the border in the lower left corner of the screen are still green. The icons of skills and powers on level-up screen are blue, but again with green borders. Also, some parts of the interface are now bright blue (Sound Options). Is this intentional?K2_00.jpg.fa1c7b8a3fe8099e1c41e31ade34523f.jpg


(Edit from Sith Holocron: I found the missing armor and belt icons in the belt picture and the recolored versions are in the attachment.)





gui green to blue.7z

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Posted (edited)

Just installed it. Looks nice.
Author mentions in readme that some menus will remain dark green, but it's nothing important.

Thanks a lot, Sith Holocron.







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