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Jade Empire and Creating Mods For It.

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I am starting this as a new thread as I am hoping to get into modding, with a game that I want to mod I was hoping that if there are any KOTOR and Sith Lord mod authors out there who could possibly enlighten me in the creation of jade empire mods whether there are similarities to KOTOR modding, If it can use the same tools what kind of programs would be required to get me started i am no programmer but i do have a love for the game and would ideally like to give it a fresh coat of paint if anyone can help i would be most grateful.

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I don't know much of anything about Jade Empire modding, but you could try checking out 

It might help to reverse engineer some of what they did, not to mention there are a few things that say they are modding tools such as:

Good luck!


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This archived thread from LucasForums should cover your needs. Some direct tool links:

ERF/RIM editor for JE -

DLG editor for JE -

TLK editor for JE - v1.1.1a.7z

TXB2TGA (texture converter) -

Save editor for JE -

Save extractor for JE -

Find Resources for JE -

2DAs can be converted with Convert2DA, as per KOTOR.

GFFs can be modified with K-GFF, as per KOTOR.

Scripts can be compiled with the KOTOR version of nwnnsscomp with JE's nwscript.nss (I don't know about decompiling, DeNCS might work on some).

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