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MOD:Redhawke's Canderous Dark Jedi Mod

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Redhawke's Canderous Dark Jedi Mod

Author : RedHawke 12/20/05 v1.1 (10/01/04 V1.0)

New In V1.1: Made the mod able to use the TSL Patcher Program, yes it does work on KotOR I, for complete compatability.

This mod allows Canderous Ordo to become a Dark Jedi Guardian, through an old Mandalorian freind Kyron Ordo, he trains him on Dantooine. 

This mod gives Canderous Ordo a Jedi class, as well as giving you some special Jedi Robes for him, and His Red Lightsaber(s). I didn't let people choose his Jedi class, like in my other 2 Make Jedi Mods because Canderous is a warrior, and as such, the only Jedi class that suits him is the Guardian.

It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED to have my Revan The White/Star Forge Booster Pack installed as well as the Crimson Sith Templar Item Pack to make full use of this mod, and its textures. (See the screenshots)

I hope you all enjoy the Mod!

This Mod Does:
Adds a new spawning NPC on Dantooine near where you see the Mandalorian shoot the Farmer (Where he says "Hmm... Wife and Children... sounds like a good idea." and then the Mandalorian and Duros attack you.), Kyron Ordo a Sith trained Mandalorian Dark Jedi will appear near a tree somewhere near, look around and Talk with Him and see! (If you don't have Canderous with you he won't have much to say, until you add Canderous in!)

Follow the Dialogue and you can get a Dark Jedi Guardian Canderous. You get another Jedi in your party and you don't have to edit a thing.

Warning: Like my Make Mission a Jedi Mod, and my Make Carth a Jedi Mod the dialogue will not allow you an exit once you talk to the NPC Canderous is going to become a Dark Jedi. Also be sure to have a level up saved for Canderous before talking to Kyron Ordo as the game can have problems with clicking on the Force Powers tab while running around a 0 level Jedi, wait until Canderous levels up then talk to Kyron.

Adds a new item to the game... Fallen One's Robes... they have custom textures, they make Canderous look like one of the Sith Masters, and are given to Canderous by Kyron.

Robe Giveitem Cheat Code: rh_darkonesrobe - Fallen One's Robes (Makes Canderous Appear as a Armored Sith Master)

Canderous' Appearance: 
Alters Canderous when wearing Robes in the Star Forge Robe Class to appear as a Sith Master/Darth Bandon does, if he wears Darth Revan's Robes his armor will appear as Darth Bandons, if he wears the Star Forge Robe, he will appear with a custom LS Armored Robe texture, if he wears my Revan The White Robe he will have a custom white armored robe texture, and if he wears my Crimson Sith Templar Robes he will appear with a custom crimson armored robe texture, and when he wears the Fallen One's Robes he will appear as the armored Sith Master does.

Installation Instructions:
Extract the contents of the zip to a temporary folder, run the Patcher EXE follow the instructions, and you should be good to go.

NOTE: If you have the previous version installed and working you will not need to install this version, this is only updating the mod to use the Patcher Program for compatability.

Though there is an incompatability with JediGabe's Dark Jedi Canderous mod simply because my mod will give Canderous a Jedi Guardian multi-class, I don't know what would happen if Canderous were allready a Jedi if you were using JediGabe's mod as well, it could crash your game.

Appearance.2da Editing Instructions For Carth:
If you have my Jedi Carth Mod and also want Carth to have this Armored Sith Master Robe ability...

Open up your KOTOR override's appearance.2da with Fred Tetra's KOTOR Tool. When the KT Program starts it is in the Tools menu, open 2da file editor. Navigate to your KOTOR Override and open up the appearance.2da.

Line 6 is Carth's line change the modelj and texj fields to "N_DarthCand", without quotes, and then scroll over to the envmap cell and change it from DEFAULT to "CM_Baremetal", without quotes, click on another cell, then save it to your KOTOR override and you are done.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Simply delete all these files from your override directory, or Deactivate it with KMM. 

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool.  

And A Big...Big Thanks to TK102 for without his many utilities this mod would have not been possible!

And Another Big...Big Thanks to Darth333 for her help, without which this mod would have not been possible!

And a big thanks to JediGabe who's original Dark Jedi Canderous Mod inspired the look of this one.

And to stoffe-mkb- for the Patcher program...

And Thanks to Cchargin for the cool Kotor Mod Manager, KMM Program!

Also a very appreciative nod to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

Any questions and comments can be directed to this board, in the 'Make Canderous A Jedi Mod Released' thread, here;

And lastly, Enjoy!


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