Editing XYZ Position in a Save File

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Hello there :),

Lately, I've been trying to edit the XYZ coordinates of the Player Character (PC) in a savegame. However, when the SAVEGAME.sav file is edited the game won't load it anymore.

As far as I understood, the PC coordinates are located in the Module.ifo file in the ".sav" archive corresponding to the module we currently are. For example :

"000000 - QUICKSAVE/SAVEGAME.sav/101per.sav/Module.ifo"

To extract "Module.ifo" I've been using the unerf tool from xoreos-tool. Then I was able to edit the file using a gff editor (kGFF or gff2xml from xoreos-tools). In order to put everything back toguether, I used ether kotor-tool or the erf command (xoreos-tools again) to rebuild the archives "101per.sav" and "SAVEGAME.sav".

When "SAVEGAME.sav" is replaced in the save folder, the game will get stuck on the loading screen (first quarter). In fact the game does not crash, the mouse appear and I can do ALT+F4 to end the game.

Does anyone have an idea on when this process has gone wrong ?



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Huh, interesting. That might be a bug in xoreos-tools' erf packer?

I might be able to look a bit at that during the holidays. Unless you want to tackle debugging this for me? :P

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