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MOD:Improved Galaxy Map (Android)

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Improved Galaxy Map (Android)

I present to you one of the few Android-only compatible mods for Kotor 1. You may be thinking one of two things after that statement; what makes this mod only compatible with the Android port or the fact that an improved galaxy map made by Kexikus already exists which places the planets in their Star Wars canon locations. Well as it turns out that mod is incompatible with the Android port because Aspyr used a scaled down version of the "galaxymap.gui" which results in that mod not working properly in the port. Also, the settings on that mod's TSL Patcher have to be changed even if the Aspyr galaxy map is used in that mod's installation. Bottom line; that mod would have to be reworked to function properly with Android Kotor.

Now that I've covered my bases to avoid any claims of mod theft, I'll proceed to explain the mod.

First, I don't care much for "canon" placement of the planets. I could have placed them canonically, but I didn't like how most were bunched together on only one side of the map and in a version of the game where most use touch controls it's better to have them neatly separated throught the galaxy map as to avoid touching the wrong one. 

This mod comes as is and I will most likely not upload a TSL Patcher version. The reason being that many Kotor Android players have no access to a computer and it makes it difficult for them to access some mods.

Warning: This mod as stated above is meant to be used with the Android port of Kotor 1. Using it on the PC version may result in damage that I cannot be held responsible for.

Credits: TSL Patcher by Stoffe

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