RESOURCE:[K1] Creatures and Armors TXIs

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[K1] Creatures and Armors TXIs

/*    [K1] Creatures and Armors TXIs [Modder's Resource]
    "TXI files, or TeXture Information files, are text files that control and
    add special effects, shaders, animations, blending etc. for an associated
    texture. I.E. pmbmm01.TXI would hold the information for pmbmm01.TGA."

    - Czerka Corp. R&D Wiki
    This is the compilation of TXI/text format that the game uses to store
    *creatures and armors* texture information - such as shaders and animations
    that control how they're rendered in-game. This resource main purpose is to
    act as supplementary to modders' modified TGA files and/or alternatively
    a fix to transparency problems that often occurs.
    This only covers *creatures and armors* and not area textures. Some could
    be missing from the pack though I'm sure they're pretty much everything
    that is necessary. Drop comments or report to the mod's support page for
    this pack to be updated or troubleshooting matters.
    Installation: as a mod; all files have to be dropped to the Override
    folder, and if necessary should be installed first before all the others.
    08/17/2019                                                             */
//:: Tools By: KotOR Tool - Fred Tetra, Notepad++ - Notepad++team, filenamestxt
//:: dumps script - DarthParametric
//:: Compiled By: ebmar
//:: Hosted By: DeadlyStream
//:: Report & Feedbacks: Snigaroo/Sniggles

//:: Supplementary Page: .txi Parameters and What They Do - CarthOnasty


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1 hour ago, dmagicguess said:

...this has helped with some HD retextures causing models to go transparent.

Cool - nice to hear that. Feel free to report if there's still any. :cheers:

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[Updated to v1.0.3: August 17, 2019]

What's new?

  • Added 150 left-out TXIs which makes this version [legitimately] covers ALL the creatures and armors [including player heads] in vanilla setup
  • Merged folders into one `to_Override` folder
Edited by ebmar
Hyperlinked the mod's page

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