.txi Parameters and What They Do

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I was looking for a centralized list of all of the parameters for .txis and what they do, but I wasn't able to locate anything. Here's what I've discovered so far, looking through various KOTOR files.


  • Various blending options using the alpha channels of the .tga. (Think Photoshop blending options.)
  • blending additive
    • Used for translucency.
    • Equivalent to Add or Linear Dodge, the color is added to whatever is underneath.
  • blending punchthrough
    • Used for transparency.
    • e.g. grass, hair, etc.



  • Increases the intensity of the bump map, i.e. increases the height of the bump map.
  • bumpmapscaling 1



  • Defines the bump map for the texture.
  • bumpmaptexture C_Hutt01b



  • Used with a bump map on a texture that uses an environment map.
  • e.g. If you're using cm_baremetal on a metal texture, you'll want to use bumpshinytexture instead of envmap.
  • bumpyshinytexture C_Hutt01b



  • Defines that the associated texture is a cubemap.
  • cube 1



  • Renders the texture on top of anything it's flush with. Black areas of texture will be translucent.
  • decal 1



  • The height of 1 frame for an animation.
  • defaultheight 128



  • The width of 1 frame for an animation.
  • defaultwidth 128



  • Defines the environment map for the texture.
  • envmaptexture CM_Bright



  • The speed at which frames will cycle when animated.
  • fps 24



  • Defines the texture is a bump map.
  • isbumpmap 1



  • Multiple copies of the same texture in different sizes to be rendered based on distance from PC. With this command, you can force the game to always show the highest mip.
  • mipmap 1



  • The number of horizontal frames for an animation.
  • numx 4



  • The number of vertical frames for an animation.
  • numy 4



  • Followed by cycle, initiates the cycling of frames for animations.
  • proceduretype cycle


Here's a more specific example for how an animation would work:

  • proceduretype cycle
  • defaultwidth 256
  • defaultheight 256
  • numx 3
  • numy 2
  • fps 12


By all means let me know if anything is inaccurate or if you can provide any more information. Thanks!

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