Manaan Sith Base: Training Room Big-screen Rework

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Greetings, fellow Jedi! Have a nice weekend y'all. :cheers:

I'd love for a mod/resource which makes the big-screen inside the Manaan SB Training Room [Model Name: M27aa_20a] to have its Object306\LSI_lite08 showing the screen individually. Originally they went like this -


I'm thinking that they could show something like this after the change -


I could need only the the mesh split individually to make it possible to achieve the example above, and I'd love to work on the texture after that.

Many thanks for considering this, and may the Force be with you.

Update: with @DarthParametric's assistance on Discord > r/kotor I finally be able to edit the model. As reiterated from DP - what you'd want to do is only to adjust the UVs, without splitting the mesh. As the UVs are currently set to tile the image 9 times, 3 rows of 3. To edit with ASCII -

  • It only has 4 texture co-ords, one for each corner
 tverts 4
      -1.005 2.005
      -1.00499 -1.005
      2.005 -1.005
      2.00499 2.005
Change that to
tverts 4
     0.0 1.0
     0.0 0.0
     1.0 0.0
     1.0 1.0
  • In GMax the way you would do it is to add an Unwrap UVW modifier above the Editable Mesh, click the Edit button, the in Vertex mode enable snapping, make sure you have the UVW Move tool selected, then snap each corner to the outline of the 0-1 space (the thick outlined black box in the middle). Then Collapse To on the Unwrap UVW modifier to bake the changes.



Attached the BETA: [K1]_m27aa_TR_BigScreen_[BETA].7z

Edited by ebmar
The intended result has been achieved
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