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As the title says, I'd like a mod that gives your party members Prestige Classes once they become a Jedi instead of normal classes. I do believe this should be a simple script edit for each party member.

Atton - Sith Assassin, Jedi Watchman (As he was a Jedi Hunter Killer before the events of TSL, a Sith Assassin would be fitting for him and the Watchman is the Jedi version of the Assassin)

Bao Dur - Sith Marauder, Jedi Weapons Master (Sith Marauder would be fitting for Bao Dur as he is physically strong which makes sense for a brute force Marauder, Jedi Weapons Master is the Jedi equivalent though a Watchman may work out for Bao due to the skills the Watchman has)

Handmaiden - Sith Marauder, Jedi Weapons Master (Same with Bao Dur, Marauder and Weapons Master fits perfectly with Handmaidens character)

Disciple - Sith Lord, Jedi Master (As Disciple was a knowledgeable person Jedi Master and Sith Lord is suitable for him, Kreia even predicts he would join the Jedi Council after TSL so it makes sense for him to be a Master)

Mira - Sith Assassin, Jedi Watchman (Being a Bounty Hunter, an Assassin would work for Mira as well as it's Jedi counterpart)


While not necessary perhaps Visas and Kreia can get a Prestige Class as well. Once you learn Force Sight perhaps the option to train Visas becomes available and once the Exile gets a Prestige class perhaps, based on the Exiles alignment, Kreia gets a class as well

Kreia - Sith Lord, Jedi Master (Obvious choice)

Visas- Sith Assassin, Jedi Watchman (Visas technically was an Assassin sent to kill you so this should be her class)


The only real complication I can foresee with this project is when your Party becomes Jedi they become one class no matter their alignment so Atton will always be a Sentinel. In order to add the Sith Assassin for Dark Siders and Watchman for Light Siders, some more work may have to be put into the scripts, though it should be possible.

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I agree conceptually with everything, except Kreia, she should be a Sith Lord, no doubt. 

I really don't think it is that hard to script prestige classes, would have to look at the script that checks for PC's level before allowing the PC to prestige. 


Nonetheless, you'd just have to set up an alignment check with a level check for your companions, including a check to confirm that they've already become jedi. 



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Would it be like DarthBDamen's Jedi from the Start  mod where the player starts with a non Jedi Class at level 0 and then auto-levels up to a Jedi class of choice? Would the same sort of logic apply?



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