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MOD:TSL Tactical Combat Mod

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TSL Tactical Combat Mod

As stated below, any help in modifying k_sp1_generic.ncs would be most welcome!


Also I have exams coming up so I will be unable to update for a while but as this mod requires starting new game, in that time any feedback would be great!



<<<TSL Tactical Combat Mod>>> v0.5 (first release)
by Frykas

If you ever felt that after lvl 15 in KotOR 2, your PC and team got all powerful (Fredon's Nadd tomb being the exception) and

pazaak with Atton on (Republic Senat's rules) was more fun than slaying couple more thugs or beasts than this mod is for you.

After playing a lot of Pillars of Eternity, I realized that TSL had nearly the same potential for tactical fights but after less

than half the game you had to be counter productive to have a fight that lasts more than 4 seconds. Honestly most times I didn't

have time to use more than two force buffs because everyone was already dead. Difficulty changes only enemy damage output so it

makes things harder but enemies still drop like flies. This mod aims (and will aim, definitely not finished) to correct that.


Two files changed are classes.2da and autobalance.2da, autobalance has significantly increased NPC's health, slightly buffed

saving throws, set NPC's level to be equal to PC. Classes.2da doubled gained health (on lvlup) by PC and team and raised

force point gain (on lvlup) by 50%.   !!!Because of game mechanics, increased health points and force points gain doesn't work

retroactively, meaning you'll have to start a new game (as even KSE cannot change your vitality points directly), this will

probably NOT be "fixed" in future releases. Enemy HP and other changes will apply once you enter new area after installing.



This mod works with TSLRCM and is being tested and developed to work with it. If you don't have TSLRCM instaled changes might

not be appropriate for your play-through. This mod should work with any other mod that doesn't change those two files:

Classes.2da, Autobalance.2da



Drop files to Override (who doesn't like that? :D )


Well, this is going to be difficult...


(remove Classes.2da and Autobalance.2da from Override folder)


<<Future changes>>

-A lot more testing and figuring out the perfect balance

-Extending force buffs (i found some cool mods that address that but as for now I feel they both add a little too much

  so I'll try to figure this out on my own and add this in next update)

-If you have an idea for more changes or would like to help with this (the latter would be most welcome as I know

  next to nothing about scripting) leave a comment or PM me.


All the best!

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Had some trouble adding this screenshot so here it is. post-42685-0-23706000-1525545742_thumb.png

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Posted (edited)
On 8/16/2018 at 3:21 AM, niBBa said:

If you buff NPC levels to be equal to PC, what's the point in leveling up?

Mostly my idea is that with new levels you get diffrent more powerful force powers and feats and simply more of them so you can combine them in many ways. If fights would also take longer that makes is possible to make this a tactical game when you have to add certain buffs or debuff enemy to make it through. In my opinion KOTOR II has amazing potential for that. Hence the mod.

Edited by Frykas

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Just make sure the mod makes it possible to attain 50 lvl and it will have permanent place in my override

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