MOD:JC's Republic Soldier Fix for K2

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JC's Republic Soldier Fix for K2

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I became so very tired of the low resolution textures for female Republic soldiers. So I made a new model for them, using the male version as a template.


While I was at it, I noticed errors on the male model, so I've corrected those as well.


This K2 version also fixes the TSF officers, since they use the same model.

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All the extra bones? That's how S_Female03 is. I'll take a look at it later, but it seemed to be fine in the game.


EDIT: Yeah, there's a problem. A combination of me being dumb and the game being dumb. The model I used as a reference for the skin, PFBCM, had broken weighting on the fingers, probably a conversion error. Garbage in, garbage out, so of course my model has the same problem. Stay tuned for the fix.

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