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Mysteries of the Sith - Single Player Rebalance

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Same as the other mod for JK:DF2, but works for Mysteries of the Sith. Can be used with MotSE and GlowsaberX (not that I recommend it since those mods seem to be unfinished for MotS).

I did some work on the MotS-specific powers, too. Chain Lightning chains through enemies the way it should, Push is stronger and has an AoE effect, and thrown lightsabers reliably return to your hand. Kinda proud of these! And having fun with them.

I'm not even going to bother to try to salvage Project or Farsight, though.

Readme for version 1.05b:


Markus Ramikin's Single Player Rebalance
Mod for Mysteries of the Sith

version: 1.05b

General version, for use with and without the GlowsaberX mod.
Based on the 1.02 version of this mod for Jedi Knight.

Table of contents:

I. Concept
II. General changes
III. Force Powers
IV. Enemies




This is meant purely for Single Player, as the balance in multiplayer is much different.

I'm addressing the following issues:

1. Force Powers

New to MotS:
- Chain Lightning cannot target droids (why?), often fails to chain to nearby enemies, and cannot be used continuously.
- Saber Throw is slow and unreliable; saber doesn't return to hand.
- Protection is useless against the most dangerous enemies in the last few missions (Vornskr, Dianogas)
- Push is much too weak to be useful, most of the time.

Old JK issues:

- Low mana regeneration. If you rely on offensive Force powers, you kill 1-3 enemies and then have to wait a long time.
- Persuasion lasts too long and has no cooldown.
- Protection is practically godmode against people with blasters
- At least one of the "Dark" powers could use a life-drain effect.
- Bosses are somehow immune to Grip and Deadly Sight. You'd think Grip would be especially useful in single combat!
- Sound effects for Force Seeing and Force Protection are a bit annoying.
- Force Pull is way too fast, cheap, and convenient, making later Force Powers obsolete against anyone with a gun.

2. Enemies

I also make Dark Mara and Dark Kyle more aggressive and dangerous, make them use their powers more, to balance the increased spammability of offensive powers.

Droids (and Dianoga) can now be targetted by Chain Lightning and Push.

Vonskr can now be targetted by any power (previously untargettable by anything that required lock-on).


II. General changes


1. Force regeneration

* Regeneration greatly increased.
Especially earlier in the game: 18x for Initiates (rank 1), up to a more modest 4x at Jedi Lord/Dark Lord (rank 8).
To be exact: regeneration formula changed from regen = Rank/2 to regen = 8+Rank.

* Force regeneration drastically reduced during some status effects, to 1/16 of normal.
Affects Speed, Persuasion, Absorb, Protection.

* Some Force powers will cost more now, to compensate.

2. Cooldown icons

Several abilities have a cooldown, a period you have to wait before you can use the ability again.

Some of these cooldowns have their own icons. They are based on the enlarged icons from jkgui mod, so if you want all your icons to be the same size, get that mod too.

Channelled abilities with new cooldown icons:
- Persuasion
- Absorb
- Protection
Singleshot abilities with standard icons during the cooldown:
- Push
- Pull
- Saber Throw
- Chain Lightning
- Destruction


III. Force Powers


1. Tier 1 powers:

* Speed
- Mana cost 20 -> 50.
- Mana regeneration drastically reduced while active.
- Duration set to 10 seconds regardless of rank in Speed.
(That way you're not punished for being good at the spell with prolonged low mana regeneration. Higher ranks still give you higher speed, of course.)

* Jump
- Mana cost 20 -> 50.

* Seeing
- Mana cost 30 -> 50.
- Turned off the annoying channelled sound. Now you can listen for footsteps as you check the map for enemies!

* Push
- Mana cost 20 -> 75
- Can target anything, including droids.
- Force increased by 50%. Can be used to kill medium-mass targets like stormtroopers if close to a wall; not so much heavier things like Noghri or Vornskr.
- AoE effect: nearby targets get thrown too, but with less force, depending on distance. Area of effect depends on rank in Push.
- Stuns targets into immobility and incoherent shooting. Heavier targets suffer a shorter stun. Examples: 3.75s for Tuskens, 3 seconds for stormtroopers, 1.18s for Dianoga.
- Interrupts Dark Mara's Deadly Sight and Dark Kyle's Grip.

* Project
- Unchanged. Benefits from increased mana regeneration.

2. Tier 2 powers:

* Pull
- Mana cost increased from 20 to 50.
- Cooldown increased from 0.6s to 2s.

* Saber Throw
- The returning saber returns to your hand: chases you even if you're dodging enemy fire.
- The saber travels twice more quickly, both ways. Slows down when close to you.
- Cooldown lowered from 5.5 seconds to 5, 4, 3, 2 depending on rank in Saber Throw.
- Mana cost for each rank raised by 20.

* Grip
- Crushes life out of the enemy and gives it to you. You gain rank/2 health per tick.
- Mana cost: 50 -> 80.
- Works on enemy Jedi and Vornskr. Costs 200 mana against them, deals only 5 damage per tick instead of 10, and doesn't stop Vornskr leaping if in range.

* Farsight
- Unchanged. Benefits from increased mana regeneration.

3. Tier 3 Powers:

* Persuasion
Modified. Now more of a brief advantage rather than an "Ai=off" cheat:
- The 250 mana cost lowered to 200, 175, 150, 125 depending on rank in Persuasion.
- Duration lowered from 10, 20, 30, 40 seconds to 7 seconds, regardless of rank in Persuasion.
- Added a cooldown after it ends: 20, 15, 10, 5 seconds, depending on rank in Persuasion.
- Mana regeneration drastically reduced while active.
Note: Persuasion no longer fools droids in MotS. This is not my change.

* Heal
- Heals 5*rank instead of 20*rank, to account for the change in mana regeneration.     
No longer a good panic button, but it's more convenient to heal small wounds. Heal-per-minute efficiency is unchanged at Jedi Master rank, better at lower ranks, compared to the unmodded game.

* Blind
- Mana cost reduced from 100 to 50 for normal enemies.
- Against bosses cost increased to 200, and duration lowered from up to 20 seconds to up to 8 seconds.
- Can't Blind the same enemy until the first Blind wears off. (Solves a bug with re-blinding bosses that existed in the unmodded game too.)

* Chain Lightning
- Chaining much more reliable now; chains to targets in your view and range rather than your victims'.
- Can target anything, including droids, vornskr, and dianoga.
- Can be cast continuously.
- Range increased to match Pull.
- Firing speed increased from (effectively) less than 1 shot/second, to 2 shots/second.
- Damage lowered from 25 to 10. Additional damage to single targets lowered from 30 to 2.
- Mana cost lowered from 100 to 20 per shot.

4. Tier 4 Powers:

* Absorb
- Always absorbs 100% Force damage, otherwise having less than 4 stars would be useless. (Stars still affect duration.)
- 10 seconds cooldown after it ends.
- Added a sound effect when the power is active, so you can still know when it stops and goes into cooldown.
- Mana regeneration drastically reduced while active.
- Mana cost drastically lowered (from 200 to 25). Different from Jedi Knight because in JK you could use conventional weapons against enemy Jedi with this power on. It MotS it was harder to get value out of it, especially against Dark Mara.

* Destruction
- Mana cost lowered from 200 to 90.
Cheaper than in my JK mod, because in JK you typically have 4 more damage spells and just use Destruction in its ideal conditions (tight corridors/rooms packed with enemies), and mop up with cheap Lightning. Here it needs to be self-sufficient.

* Protection
Heavily reworked. Now a bit similar to its equivalent in Jedi Academy.
- Reduces all damage by 50%, including blasters and physical.
- Lasts 8 seconds. Once it runs out, it turns off completely, without leaving misleading visuals.
- Costs 250, 200, 150, 100 mana, depending on rank in Protection.
- Mana regeneration drastically reduced while active.
- Followed by a 25, 20, 15, 10 seconds cooldown, depending on rank in Protection.
- Lowered the sound volume. It's high-pitched (compared to others) and was kinda loud.

* Deadly Sight
- Mana cost decreased 300 -> 200.
- damage set to 5 and no longer scales with rank (previously 10 at four stars). Duration still depends on rank.
- Drains life from all the enemies you see (gain: rank/2 HP per tick per victim).
- Works on bosses and Vornskr.


IV. Enemies


1. Vornskr
- Grip, Push, Chain Lightning, Deadly Sight work on them.
Though they're too heavy for Push to do noticeable damage. And Grip doesn't stop their jump if they're in range!
- Health increased, base: 200 -> 250 (on hard it's 240 -> 300).
Still require two strong saber attacks to kill, but now they can absorb a bit more Force damage, to balance the increased mana regeneration, and the increased variety of spells that work on them.

2. Dark Mara
- Casts up to 3 Lightning at a time.
- Also uses Deadly Sight from time to time.

3. Dark Kyle
- Casts 2-6 lightning at a time
- His grip lasts longer and has no minimum range. It is now interruptible by damage and Blind, however.



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I'm not even going to bother to try to salvage Project or Farsight, though.



- Fixed s problem with Kyle sometimes inescapably choking the player to death at the start of the first encounter, if they didn't have Absorb or some other way to interrupt at long range.

- Fixed a problem with the player occasionally staying immobile after Grip, making it an easy death to Lightning.


Oh good! I hated those glitches. I was always stressed out fighting him in the first place, and always hoping those things didn't happen.


What is wrong with Project or Farsight that they need salvaging?

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1 hour ago, Markus Ramikin said:

Try now

Thank you so much. I am trying MotS Again. Is there a map edit where we get friendly NPCs like in the first mission? There's a mission where the Republic ship is attacked by pirates and was hoping that there would be more Republic soldiers alive *sprinkled* around the ship since they ARE fighting the pirates and not mara jade alone. 

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8 hours ago, Jj117 said:

Thank you so much. I am trying MotS Again. Is there a map edit where we get friendly NPCs like in the first mission? There's a mission where the Republic ship is attacked by pirates and was hoping that there would be more Republic soldiers alive *sprinkled* around the ship since they ARE fighting the pirates and not mara jade alone. 

I have no idea. The one Jedi Knight mods repository I used to know burnt down. Literally, if the message is to be believed, the datacenter had a fire, heh.

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Ahhh... No wonder lol. I was hoping to get an editor to make changes to the main campaign

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Updated to 1.04. (Remember: old savegames will be incompatible!)

Grip's damage nerfed vs bosses, as it was too easy to kill Vornskr with a Tier 2 ability that also prevented movement. Cost lowered a bit, though.

Absorb made drastically cheaper, to make it more worthwhile against Dark Mara, and to compensate (compared to DF2:JK) for its lost function of allowing the player to shoot guns at enemy Jedi.

Chain Lightning and Destruction are cheaper than before. Destruction can be fired more often; cooldown back to unmodded values.

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Updated to 1.05b. (As usual, expect savegames to be incompatible.)

Chain Lightning can now be cast continuously, which is much less annoying. Also it fires faster, though for less damage and cost; overall DPS comes out roughly the same.

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