MOD:Bastila's Dark Bodysuit by Quanon & Revanator

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Bastila's Dark Bodysuit by Quanon & Revanator

Bastila's Dark Bodysuit
by Quanon & Revanator, TSLPatcher version by A Future Pilot
Contact: Contact Revanator on DeadlyStream or email at


This mod adds a special robe for Bastila to wear when you meet her on Lehon (the Unknown World).
It's a black-and-gray variant of her standard attire. Its stats are of a slightly beefed
Qel-Droma robes to give her some nice bonuses while remaining very balanced. She will be wearing
it when you meet her on top of the temple, and when (if you go Dark Side) she rejoins your party.


Quanon did the texture for it in the style of his K1 party member retextures. Highly recommended
that you also install his Bastila Shan HQ retexture. Otherwise this will look a bit out of place.



TSLPatcher Install:  
Run the executable file, select which of the three versions of the mod you would like, then
navigate the patcher to your main game directory (the one with your executable file in it!)
and hit install. You should be good to go!


Manual Install:
Copy all files in the main folder to your override.
OPTIONAL: If you want this new design to replace her standard outfit, simply copy the files in
"replace standard clothes" to your override. You needn't worry about any of the other files.
OPTIONAL: If you want this item to be equippable throughout the game as well (but not replace
her standard outfit) copy the files from "gain on Taris" AS WELL AS the ones from the main
folder to your override.


Uninstallation: Delete all files from your override.


Compatibility: Should be compatible with every mod that does not edit Bastila's utcs. If you
install the "replace standard clothes" option, it will override any other mods for Bastila's


Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool
BioWare for this fantastic game
Quanon (again) for being super helpful and creating this beautiful texture
jc2 for bug testing
A Future Pilot for the TSLPatcher version



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  • K1R Compatible


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While going through my testing play-through, I noticed a problem that is likely caused by the non-TSLPatcher version of this modification. Bastila is invisible in the Leviathan cut-scene where she should be in the cage with Carth and the player. If I remove the file p_bastila001.utc from the Override, the issue is gone.

Can anybody else confirm this issue?


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Posted (edited)

When a file is dropped in override I believe it overrides any file the game looks for by that name. Modules can have files inside of them that have the same names as files in other modules. TSLPatcher can inject files into modules such that the injected file won't interfere with any other file by that name, like files that may exist in other modules. When the file p_bastila001.utc is put into the override folder, that file will be loaded anytime the game looks for a file with that name.

Anyways I am sure that is the difference causing you an issue. As to why she turns invisible, I don't know. I would extract the p_bastila001.utc from lev_m40aa and compare them.

Edited by ajdrenter

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Yes, thanks.

I have already removed the offending file from the override and proceeded to manually change the various p_bastila001 in three different area modules. My only question is why that .utc file would cause invisibility on the Leviathan and, knowing my history of local issues, I was interested to know if anyone else could confirm the issue.


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Yes, this is a known bug with the manual install of the mod. The TSLPatcher version, kindly provided by A Future Pilot, fixes this issue.

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