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KotOR Toolset - Bug Reports

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What bugs have been reported and how to report new ones!


To report a bug, you MUST use the following format!:


1. What game(s) do you have installed, and what versions are they?

2. Where are they installed?

3. What does the log.txt file located in the same folder as the Toolset say (if possible, delete the file and re-create the bug)?

4. Is the bug repeatable?

5. What game mode was the Toolset in when the bug occurred?

6. What can you tell me about the bug?

7. Can you please upload your Toolset.ini file and log.txt file?


Below I will try to record and link any bugs that have been reported, as well as organize them by severity and status.

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1. Kotor 1 steam.

2. In the C: drive not in program files.

3.Can't call method "get_field_ix_by_label" on unblessed reference at script/t.pl line 21451.


5.Kotor 1

6. Long story short the toolset freezes on lip files. Replicated with a test .mod and I was unable to open a .mod with lip files in it  (the ones ending with _loc in the kotor folder). To replicate create a .mod file with the are, git, and ifo and add a lip file.Load in the toolset and try to save.


toolset ini+logs.zip


Strange that I was the first one to post here, but I was modifying k1r for personal use and decided to use the toolset.

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Thank you for the input. I've taken another look at the Toolset and realized that I forgot to process that file type when loading levels... Also, you won't be able to load the "_loc" .mod files like you wouldn't a level. The Toolset has specific steps it goes through when loading a level and if the .are, .ifo, and .git files aren't found, it will basically freeze up until I add checks to make it cancel and warn you.

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Edited : I noticed that there is actually a mode for both games in this program, I must have missed this before, amazing program, I still haven't used it yet / don't know my way around it but will give it a go at some point, though I am use to other tools and applications now, its going to be handy once the maps get full of story elements, characters, doors and more.

Thank you for this amazing program.


Update : as my project begins to near completion, it seems both games levels load fine, not only in both modes, but primarily in the mode I am working in.

Edited by Thor110

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