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[Game Save]Savegame Pack LSMGWE

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File Name: Savegame Pack LSMGWE

File Submitter: LiliArch

File Submitted: 03 Oct 2014

File Category: Game Saves

Mods Used:

Game: The Sith Lords




TSL savegame pack from the very beginning to the very end. There's a lot of saves, so I cut it in several pieces for easier download. I tried to name the saves intuitively, but some of the names really make sense only when compared to others right before and right after them.


PC: LS male Guardian/Weaponmaster (LS female Revan)

Planet order: Onderon - Nar Shaddaa - Onderon 2 - Dantooine - Korriban - M4-78

Mods used: TSLRCM 1.8.3 + M4-78 (Patched) + my personal tweak pack for textures that appear oddly or not at all.


Though I don't believe that texture replacements have any effect in savegame compatibility, here's the list of files that my tweak pack changes (resizing and/or alphachannel editing):

  • C_CONDRDBOSS01.tga
  • C_DES_DR.tga
  • C_env_dro01.tga
  • C_env_dro02.tga
  • C_env_dro04.tga
  • C_GRETDRD.tga
  • C_MK1_DRD03.tga
  • C_MK2_DRD03.tga
  • dro_tk01.tga
  • dro_tk01.txi
  • dro_tk02.tga
  • dro_tk02.txi
  • dro_tk03.tga
  • dro_tk03.txi
  • dro_tk04.tga
  • dro_tk04.txi
  • KOTOR2Logo.tga
  • leh_hyper01.txi
  • load_007EBO.tga
  • load_012EBO.tga
  • load_225TEL.tga
  • load_307NAR.tga
  • load_350NAR.tga
  • load_805DRO.tga
  • load_806DRO.tga
  • load_807DRO.tga
  • load_853NIH.tga
  • load_907MAL.tga
  • load_908mal.tga
  • load_909mal.tga
  • mal_rk01.tga
  • mal_rk01aa.tga
  • N_Sullustan.tga
  • TEX_DDROID.tga
  • w_Dblsbr_001.tga
  • w_Lghtsbr_001.tga
  • w_ShortSbr_001.tga
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I would just like to thank you for these saves. This has made my life easier and has made it possible for me to actually make my M4 review since I just don't have the time to actually play Kotor anymore! You are awesome.

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