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Cinder Skye

Download:HD Fire and Ice, Whee!

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File Name: HD Fire and Ice, Whee!

File Submitter: Cinder Skye

File Submitted: 10 Sep 2014

File Category: Skins



Installation is simple: just drag the .tga files you want into your override folder. It is, in fact, compatible with KotOR 1.


Fire Files:




Covers the flame effect from flamethrowers and things that reuse this (most custom force powers using fire use this effect).

The fireball is an adaptation of Fire_001 made by Mr. Bubble for RPG Maker games. ( I recolored the flames to be a little less red, and also added some tween frames to make the whole thing more puffy. It is approximately four times the original flame's resolution - the original was made of multiple overlapping 51x51 sprites expanded up to consume entire bodies, these are 204x204 with soft blending edges.


The fire stream is an adaptation of Misc Fire Element made by dbszabo for general usage. ( It was a pretty simple affair.


Ice Files:




The ice is an adaptation of Ice Texture made by DudeAlan2001 for general purposes, and is eight times the original resolution, going from 128 to 1024. ( I slightly colored the ice and played with the alpha channel, but I didn't really do any hard work on that one. Most of the hard work was actually on the ice's reflect map, reducing the overpowering glow to be a little paler and a little less common. Overall, it looks more like "unnaturally glowing ice and snow" and less like "unnaturally glowing saran wrap."



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