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Damaged Ebon Hawk mod

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File Name: Damaged Ebon Hawk mod

File Submitter: FF97

File Submitted: 24 Apr 2014

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes



Due the lack of replacement parts and good repair skills, the Ebon Hawk can't be repaired in a few hours by just 3C-FD and T3-M4. They didn't have enough parts and tools, so the Droids just fixed the hole in the garage and repaired the gas leaks in the pipes.



I made this mod, because I think the Ebon Hawk's damages before Peragus II were too heavy for the ship to look like in Kotor 1 after repair. I replaced almost every mdl and mdx from the default ebon hawk model with the same files from the damaged prologue model. I kekt the original cargo hold and garage, because the garage wouldn't look good, and in the cargo hold, the player would encounter many clipping errors.


BUGS: in the prologue, if you enter the rooms by opening the doors, every doorframe will be black and dark, this is annoying and doesn't look very realistic, but i can't fix it by now. I will fix it in the possible next version of this mod.



Click here to download this file

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Hey I really love this mod! But I encountered a fatal issue. After I left Telos in a new savegame, my game was allways crashing when i tried to leave the ship. Removing your files fixes that. I used TSLRCM, Kreias assorted robes and some reskins.


Since no one else encountered this it may have been an error in the savefile, but i just wanted you to know.


And finally i have got a suggestion for your mod:

I understand that some heavy scripting may be required, but could you add new NPC and/or dialogue options to some of the space ports, so the player could get the ebon hawk fixed, or mayve even customized? There is a upcoming expansion pack for SWtoR wich adds hideouts for the pcs. This could serve as an inspiration:)

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