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SKIN:Clone Wars Styled Kotor Logo

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Clone Wars Styled Kotor Logo

I made a Clone wars Styled Logo for the 1st Kotor a while ago, but it didn't look good enough to upload it here. I've remade it now and it looks much better. 

1. Find your swkotor folder. Open up the Override Folder.
2. Extract the .zip from this DeadlyStream download.
3. Copy logo_sw_02.tga from the folder found in the extracted .zip and paste it into the Override Folder found earlier.

- Delete logo_sw_02.tga from the override folder.

Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra - Used this to extract the logo_sw_02.tga file.
GIMP - For editing the File.

It will not be compatible with anything else that would add logo_sw_02.tga to the Override Folder.

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