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  1. It was OK, I guess.  So far, I've thought the Imperial Agent story the best.  I haven't finished the Smuggler story to Chapter 3 yet and I haven't even started a Bounty Hunter story yet.

    Check out this thread if you'd like to see the rest of my characters, @downloadman1

    (My post is the very first one in that thread.)

    When I get all stories to Chapter 3, I'll make my list of best to worst in The Old Republic section or I'll make a blog.

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  2. 1 hour ago, ebmar said:

    Well, I believe your input and advices pretty much encouraged/influenced/inspired me on doing most of the stuffs. 😁

    Don't listen to my input too much.  Apparently, it drives some people to leave PM conversations when I'm offering them assistance and then bash me when I ask why they did that.  ;)  (Thankfully, you're not one of those people.)

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  3. Unfortunately, no.  Parts of the texture came from one Quanon's texture for Citadel Station which I didn't ask permission to use.  Another part of the texture came from a texture from As the texture has been significantly altered by the addition of the girders made by Quanon, there is no issue on that end. (I was just looking over the rules of that site again to see if I am in the clear.)


    So if Quanon was to give the OK, I could put it up the texture.


    However, since I've been asking Quanon repeatedly for updates about Scrapyard Games, I decided not to seek release of this texture.  I've already proven to be a pain in Quanon's neck - and without anything to show for it!