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  1. Damn, I was kinda hoping that was not the case. I also saw that Deflection was not in spells.2da, so it seems like trial-and-error with scripting might be the way to go. Awesome, thank you for this! Guess the next step would be finding where that script gets invoked if it's not hard-coded so I can see if I can piggyback powers onto that script in the first place.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to create two new passive Force powers specifically for when get your first level as either a Jedi Master or Sith Lord. I've tried looking at the spells.2da to see how Battle Precognition works to get an idea of what I would need to edit and what I could do, but there's no impact script for that power like there is for the rest of the powers. Does anybody know where I could at least start looking at so I could maybe figure out how the game handles Battle Precognition, or just how I would go about creating a passive Force power like this? Additionally, how would I grant Force powers automatically at 1st level? I'm seeing Inspire Followers/Crush Opposition are available at level 1 for their respective classes, but the rest of the line isn't granted by spells.2da if I am understanding it correctly? Thanks in advance for any help and insight!
  3. Heyo, I'm messing around with some of the enemy UTC files just to get a better sense of what I can do to them, but I'm having issues with figuring out something regarding the Sith Assassins on Harbinger. They seem to be taking on my other changes to them (massively increased and decreased stats, new items equipped, feats, etc.), but when it comes to health, they only spawn in with 5hp. I've tested this a bunch of times, including giving them an autobalance multiplier set of 0 to turn it off and give them 100hp so that the autobalancing formula doesn't do anything, but they still spawn in with 5hp regardless of what I do. I set their CON score to 10 instead of the default 8 when messing around with them so that they're not getting any bonus hp and they don't have any of the Toughness feats, but does anybody know why they keep spawning in with 5hp? This is on a vanilla install, nothing else is installed outside of my changes. EDIT: Turns out I figured it out. It might have been due to me using Holocron Toolset to edit the Sith Assassin UTC - I redid my edits one at a time via KOTOR Tool and the assassins were not pieces of wet tissue this time around and were properly one-shotting me.
  4. So if I wanted to edit these specific UTCs, should I use TSLPatcher to modify the ones existing in each module then and test that way? I was originally just planning on dropping the UTCs into Override so I could make quick edits or delete them on the fly but I don't want the game to freak out because of it.
  5. Is there any easy way to discern what UTC files the enemies use for both games? I know you can look into each module's _s.rim and see the UTCs used for each area from there, but I'm wanting to look at some enemies to mess around with their files and leave the regular NPCs alone. Thanks in advance!