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  1. I'm having the following error: • Installation started 4/23/2022 21:27:11... • Installing unmodified files... • Replacing file carthend.dlg in the Modules\205TEL.mod archive... • Replacing file a_carth.ncs in the Modules\205TEL.mod archive... • Adding file 221carthend054.lip to the lips\205TEL_loc.mod archive... • Adding file 221carthend055.lip to the lips\205TEL_loc.mod archive... • Adding file 221carthend056.lip to the lips\205TEL_loc.mod archive... • Error: Unhandled exception: Access violation at address 40470070. Read of address 40470070 (0) In addition to this being a different address than Kindo, i can't seem to find the prior offender, 204tel.git. Is it still in the file?
  2. I get that the override folder gets added to my override folder. Do i put the modules into my module folder (presumably after first backing up the originals)? Given my limited understanding of how the software calls files, this would seem to be a fairly foolproof method, albeit a bit odd by local standards, given the manual backup required. Am i supposed to put them somewhere else to prevent overwrites, that 'everyone knows about' already, leading to the lack of install directions? Will the intuitive modules to modules approach fatally stab my tsl install somehow? Am i missing something obvious in my cluelessness?