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Grey Jedi Freedom













This is a mod for TSL using TSLRCM



This mod will allow you to play as grey Jedi, so you needn't to be lightside or darkside at all.
A new option: Freedom
Don't worry about the LS or DS points of your actions, play free, you are the exile.
Do you actually believe on the Jedi code? Are you a worthless Sith?
If you think the only thing is the force and you aren't agree with the Jedi council nor the evil sith lords, your path is the Grey Jedi path.


This mod fits perfect with the storyline. You are an exiled Jedi.You spent some years alone, away from the Jedi rules.You hate the Sith enemies, but you aren't agree with the people that exiled you, so you follow your own code.


Kreia, who is helping you find the force is quite "grey" indeed.
This mod is lore Friendly and suitable for new and first playthroughs


This mod removes the alignment restrictions needed to advance the story. You don't have to worry about making stupid and nonsense actions to get DS or LS points.


-The penalties for using force powers on the neutral side are reduced, so walking near the 50% LS/DS is as good as pure dark or light. 70% or 20% are the worst levels so is better to stay near the 50% 
-Getting prestige class:
  The request is to reach level 16. 
   Kreia will talk about Jedi or Sith classes based on your slight alignment.
   You are free to return later if you want to earn some LS or DS points to change the options.


-Visas Marr Vision:
 Now you need 70% LS or DS,but the most important thing: Visas Marr will appear with 30 DS/LS  points in any way .You needn't to be that 20% LS or DS,
you need to earn 30 points either light or dark (instead of 50 needed by default).
-Access The Korriban Tomb :
  You need to reach level 18 to access the tomb. That's all


Specific Rules :

How works the Power cost table:






Alignement        Powercost penalty
Lightside                  Darkside Powers
10                              1.75   
 9                               1.5
 8                               1.1
------------                  -------------- Grey jedi Zone
 7                              0.8
 6                              0.7
 5                              1
 6                              0.7
 7                              0.6
------------                 ----------------Grey jedi Zone
 8                              0.8
 9                              0.7
10                             0.5
Lightside                Lightside Powers



Fair enough IMO.

If you play pure LS, you have the same advantages and penalties as the original TSL values. The changes are made on the "Grey jedi Zone". There is a penalty for being just in the middle, so you have to choose a side.


The Darkside Table is the same, but inverted.







This mod has been lost in my hard drives for years. The work was lost after a hard drive fail, but I recently was able to restore all data from the damaged hard drive.

The mod is proven to work since I have it installed by default in my kotor 2 copy, the problem was to identify the mod files in a very heavy loaded override folder, Now I finally found my  source working files.




What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


Reorganized files and Folders


Grey jedi

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This mod would've been great if there are precise instructions on how to install it. One commenter said this mod needs a new save to work properly (for the Prestige Class and Korriban Tomb alignment requirements removed). Hell, this mod could've been better if Kreia can let us choose Sith or Jedi Prestige Classes at the same time if the Exile is at the absolute middle grey alignment (50-59 alignment for Kreia simultaneously making you choose between Sith and Jedi Prestige Classes, 60 alignment points onwards for Jedi prestige class selections only, and 49 alignment points and below for Sith prestige only). It really needs a proper update so bad so this mod can properly work on already-used save files. It would be an honor for any talented modder to update this mod.

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