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  1. For me the Yavin IV didn't work. Or at least it caused the same missing texture issues already on the character creation screen. So I didn't try playing it further. Not sure why it would work for you but not for me... weird
  2. Finally got to start the BoSSR mod. The rodian that gives the first task also has no textures (all black) and once i enter the town on tatooine the game crashes and exits. so seems like the mod is not playable : /
  3. Now I'm well into the game, one planet left, and I played only with the BoSSR mod installed, as all other mods were causing these kinds of texture glitches. I tried installing each of them and starting a new game and it proved to be the only one that causes no glitches (I also tried the community patch fix). However I still haven't gotten to start playing the mod itself... so let's see. I hope it will work!
  4. I installed K1 Restoration mod, BoSSR and Yavin IV using the provided installers and the game starts fine on the latest iOS. However the K1R mod causes some textures to be completely black, like for example the default scoundrel outfit and the outfit of the guy who appears at the first moment when you start a game. Haven't played past that moment though. Any ideas what causes this texture problem?