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  1. So it wouldn't be possible at all to change how Sneak Attack works or would it just be very hard?
  2. I know how Sneak Attack works. I know that it works on ranged Weapons if the Target is either delibitated or in a 10m Range while you're in Stealth or flanking it. I want that Sneak Attack works on all ranged Attacks made out of Stealth, not only those within the 10m Range, and/or that it works on Attacks that are made while the Enemy isn't engaged like the Sneak Attack on Force Jump.
  3. Hi, I'm working on a balancing Mod right now and I want to make Sneak Attack apply on ranged Attacks without having to enter the 10m Range or hitting a debilitated Target. To be more precise, I want it to work like the Sneak Attack on Force Jump, so that it only works on Attacks against unsuspecting Targets. If that isn't possible I would like to change it so that it works on stealth Attacks made from beyond the required Range. So can one modify Sneak Attack in a Way that allows atleast one of these Ideas to work or is it just not possible?
  4. I know but you need to cast it and therefore use a Round you could otherwise use to deal Damage. Let's say I would add that Effect to the Baragwin Assault Blade while dual wielding it and having 38 Strength, Master Speed and using Power Attack. I would deal 207 Damage in that Round and apply Plague. If I just have the Power I would need to decide if I wanted to deal 207 Damage OR apply that Debuff.
  5. The Problem with that Solution would be, that I can't set the DC, I can only choose it. The highest DC below 100 is 22 so I can choose between always applying Plague on all Enemies or never applying Plague on Enemies with a Fortitude over 22 which are exactly the Enemies you might want to weaken with Plague. To put the DC at 100 would be obviously unbalanced and is therefore not what I want. I tried to modify a Weapon with Activate Item > Spell: Plague but that didn't work.
  6. Hi, I want to improve the lackluster Sith Artifacts and thought it would be logical, that they grant you Force Powers that correlate with their Maker. So Ajunta Palls Blade could give the Force Power Plague since he was exiled for studying Alchemy which can be used to create Poisons. My Problem is, that I don't know how to add them, since Kotor Tool doesn't allow do add Bonus Force Powers to Items. Does anybody already done this or have an Idea how it could be done? Thank you all in Advance!
  7. Thank you, but since I just started modding I don't want to overdo it. If it works when I start a new Game I'm more than happy.
  8. I wanted to start a new Game anyway. I just kept the old Save to test my own Mods, so if you say that it should work with a new Game I will trust you.
  9. You don't need to do this. The G vs G1 was merely Bioware's internal reference for differentiating items added in the Yavin DLC. Whatever you call it, the UTI filename (ResRef) should match the TemplateResRef field. Ideally for items you should also keep the Tag the same, although that is primarily for scripting purposes. I thought that would be the easiest Way since I modified the Values to deal as much Damage per Round as the Baragwin Disrupter and named it Baragwin Bowcaster. This is the real problem. It doesn't matter. All three inventories are added to your save on the very first visit to Yavin. The only way to add it in a later save is either via script, or editing the save. So I did everything right and I just need to start a new Game when I don't have a Save before my first Visit to Yavin?
  10. What I did: 1. I created a custom Bowcaster, put the File in Override, tested it, it worked. ID: g1_w_bowcstr001 2. I added the normal Bowcaster (g_w_bowcstr001) to the Inventory of all 3 Versions of Suvam. Saved the Files. 3. I used kgff.exe from this Video to change the Bowcasters ID from g_w_bowcstr001 to g1_w_bowcstr001. 4. Moved the suvam01a.utm, suvam02a.utm and suvam03a.utm to the Override. 5. I loaded my Save where I didn't visited Yavin after getting the third Starmap. 6. Traveled to Yavin, triggered the Cutscene, tried to buy my Bowcaster. And then the Bowcaster wasn't there. What did I do wrong?
  11. Yeah, now I need to find out how to add an additional Attack to Blaster Rifles. =D Edit: It was much easier than expected.
  12. I found my Mistake: "repeating blaster attacks restoration" only adds an additional Attack to the Heavy Weapons.
  13. I meant the "Repeating blaster attacks restoration" when I said Restoration Mod and not K1R. Sorry if you misunderstood me.
  14. When I tried it, Sniper Shot didn't attack twice when using a Bowcaster. Could the Installorder matter? I installed the Restoration Mod before the fix.
  15. I don't know if that is the Mod you're looking for or if it works but I hope it helps.