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  1. Instances of bad voice-acting is custom in Kotor! No-one can be more hilariously awful than choice gems like:

    (holding nose, as nasally high-pitched as possible) "HaY yOu CaN't CoMe In HeRe! ThIs iS tHe HiDdEn BeK BaSe!"

    (frothing and smacking with as much saliva as possible) "ThEy AlReAdY lEfT iN tHe S u B m E r S i B l E!"

    I say go for it! Bad or good delivery, it will be a lark.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Stormie97 said:

    Good eye. I did use those as reference while I was crafting that thing.

    Cheers. I'm guessing from left to right on the line-up is the evolution to the final jumpsuit? Will there be a different colour for each class? 

    I only ever used that head in one play-through but it was rather telling in how similar she looks to Atris. Like you were her estranged sister.

  3. By the Force! Do you want me to never stop playing Kotor?!

    Such artistry.

    Lehon at the cusp of dusk... Gorgeous.

    Kashyyyk finally matching the aesthetic of the descent into the shadow lands. Brilliant.

    The tiny sediment grain and tangible glyphs looking so good you want to touch them in the monastery? I'm sold. 

    I suppose only the back entrance of the Sith Academy seems rather jarring, unfinished?

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