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  1. Hello together, I want to swap Party Members. I want to recruit the green Twi'lek girl Ramana (the Dancing Twi'lek, who is lost by the Twi'lek named Harra at a round of Pazaak) at Telos instead of G0T0. At the beginning can you help me with a Tutorial, which show me the right way in the kotor tool step for step? My idea: If you presents Ramana the freedom at Telos, you meet her in the Cantina at Nar Shaadda too. There is a green Twi'lek looks like Ramana from Telos, who is in trouble with a ugly Gran. For my idea, this is Ramana too. So if you rescue her again, there appear a dialogue option whith it you can recruit her for your party. Additional, I want to integrate the dialogue option later, that I can make Ramana to a jedi. Can you help me? Kind regards, Al Fartax