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  1. I've been looking through a lot of mods on many sites and can't find anyone who's done a reskin of the Basilisk War Droid standing in the hangar on Dxun (KOTOR2). I often think about why the "vehicle" in the hangar looks nothing like an actual Basilisk War Droid from the comics. If this mod already exist, please give a shout out. If not, start uploading! This is my challenge to you modders! Oh and FYI: If you can successfully update the movie with the old basilisk in exchange for the new one, that'd be awesome!
  2. I know this may sound like a long-term mod to create, but why not make a mod explaining Kreia's life in the Jedi order, like the cutscene of Kreia's Fall? It is already well speculated, thought and believed that Arren Kae was Kreia before she went and searched the deeper mysteries of the dark side. As Kreia was a Jedi historian, I would've used the Dantooine Jedi library is a big part of the cutscene. That'd be a start...