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  1. View File Classic Jedi Project KOTOR II Original Trilogy Lightsaber Blades (Animated) Description: Lightsaber blade replacements for KOTOR II, using the Original Trilogy as a source for the replacements, which results in more powerful looking lightsaber blades. Known Bugs: - None (currently). Installation: Copy the override folder over to your "Knights of the Old Republic II" game folder. Submitter Omega1 Submitted 03/23/2019 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Description: Lightsaber blade replacements for KOTOR II, using the Original Trilogy as a source for the replacements, which results in more powerful looking lightsaber blades. Known Bugs: - None (currently). Installation: Copy the override folder over to your "Knights of the Old Republic II" game folder.
  3. Apologies if this has been answered already, I searched for a solution, but couldn't find anything that worked. Basically what is happening is every time I attempt a swoop race the swoop itself starts off by floating to the ceiling. I turned off an on v-sync to see if that helped, but the issue still persists. Do any of you know of a fix for this? Edit: Run the game in XP Service Pack 3 mode and the issue is gone.
  4. Everything is working fine with the game except the issue I am stating here, no issues with my save games, no issues with my other music replacements. I reinstalled the game when switching to legacy, and the same issue happens, and again it happens only with the darkshort and darkside music files. None of my files are read only. It might be a glitch with the steam version in general. I looked up the issue and it seems other people have posted about issues with the darkside points gained music:
  5. It still plays the game's default mus_s_darkshort, I placed your files in override first, when that didn't work I replaced the files in streammusic and streamsounds, and that didn't work either, so same results as when I attempt to use mine. Your lightshort worked fine though, as it does with my own replacement. Something isn't working right with the darkside force points gained music cue.
  6. After installing the legacy version of the game with widescreen fixes, I found the issue still occurs, so it has to be something to do with a change TSLRCM has done with 1.8.4 or 1.8.5. Whatever it does it has affected only the darkside and darkshort music files, having them play from the Sounds.bif for some reason, as they are the only remaining unreplaced music files for darkshort and darkside. I really wonder what it was they changed to cause this. Edit: I have noticed when I remove TSLRCM modified musictable.2da, nothing plays when earning a darkside point no matter when it is earned, as in it consistently does not play the music file. Could someone help take a look at the modified musictable.2da file and perhaps try adding mus_s_darkshort and mus_s_darkside, I would do it myself but I have no idea what the "strrefname" for them is. musictable.2da
  7. I have replaced all "mus" files just fine with the steam version which is running Aspyr's patch, and the only mus file not working correctly is the darkside/darkshort mus files. occasionally it plays the original, and then at other times nothing plays at all. It does this when using the game's default darkside/darkshort mus file as well, so it has to be a glitch that was either introduced with Aspyr's patch (among many) or the latest version of TSLRCM (1.8.5). To be honest Aspyr's patch seems to do more harm than good in my opinion, so I am very tempted to revert to the legacy version... Will just have to go through finding a widescreen mod/patch for 1680x1050 monitors.
  8. Indeed we must! I am glad to receive such help on solving this issue, so thank you!
  9. Using the .2da editer I have looked through the list in the modified musictable.2da and there is nothing stated or referenced to darkside or darkshort...
  10. Yeah I thought as much, now I just have to figure how to go about undoing the change they made to musictable.2da. If anyone can provide any tips on what to tool to use, or even provide the solution it would be most appreciated!
  11. Ah I see. Well another thing that I have suspected is TSLRCM, when I was using 1.8.3 this wasn't an issue, the darkside and darkshort replacements played just fine in game, however with 1.8.5 this issue started to occur. Now I cannot be certain that there is a correlation, given that I have checked through the TSLRCM files and couldn't find anything that could've affected the darkside and darkshort mus files playing in game, but I am still curious as to whether there is something there I am missing... Only thing I notced was the musictable.2da was modified, but I don't think that would cause this...
  12. I suspected it may have been something to do with sounds.bif, as it is the only one I haven't touched when it comes to removing or replacing, I simply wasn't sure if sounds.bif had any music files (thanks for confirming that). Is there anyway to access and modify .bif files (KOTOR tool perhaps)?
  13. Again thanks for the reply, but after already doing that the original still plays unfortunately, again even when the original has be removed or replaced. So something is telling the game to play another sound file that isn't located in the StreamMusic or override folders. Like I stated in my original post I have replaced all of the mus files with my own custom soundtrack mod, and the mus_s_darkshort is the only one causing issue.
  14. Yeah even that isn't working, although thanks for the suggestion, but I tried both mp3 and supported wav formats. The kicker here is the original is still playing when I remove the original files, so in theory either nothing should play then, or the game will freeze up.
  15. Hello there, I am working on replacing the "dark side point gained" themes (default mus_s_darkshort and mus_s_darkside) and have ran into a very irritating issue. What happens is when I replace those files, whether in the "override", "StreamMusic" and "StreamSounds" folders, the default music still plays, even when removing the default mus_s_darkshort and mus_s_darkside files completely. In an attempt to solve the issue I have gone through and replaced every mus file of the game, and the music which plays when the game triggers a "dark side point gained" event still ends up being the default music, which baffles me given those music files have been removed and replaced... I have almost completely replaced all "mus" files with a replacement, they all play fine in game, but not this one for some reason. I am using the steam version of the game with the latest version of TSLRCM added, so I have also attempted to place the music files within TSLRCM's workshop directory, and the game STILL plays the default music upon a "dark side point gained" event. I suspect there maybe a hidden dark side "mus" file somewhere, but I have searched throughout all of the game's files and couldn't locate it. I am hoping someone can help solve this, it would be greatly appreciated!