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  1. Movie-style Jedi Master Robes and Kreia Visible Body Models Compatibility Patch

    Movie-style Jedi Master Robes and Kreia Visible Body Models Compatibility Patch by ajdrenter

    Just drop the two files in your override and you are good to go!

    Credit to DeadMan and DarthParametric for original mods.

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  2. I figured it out. This is a vanilla bug and it happens in the base game. I noticed it inside the Exchange module on Telos, when Slusk send out his guard droids to kill you. Basically what's happening is that there are five different War Droid appearances in appearance.2da. Slusks war droids use the second one, I think. I noticed that if I set something to the first War Droid appearance it looks fine. The first entry has a blank in the racetex column, and of course the texture references are baked into the model. Somehow the racetex column is replacing the image for every map on the model. So I have sort of fixed it by setting all the racetex columns as blank, but then I don't get texture variations. I think the correct fix here is to just recompile the model five times with each texture variation and change the race column maybe? Not entirely sure.


    3 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

    The problem is that integrated guns use the droid's racetex texture due to how appearance.2da works. SS has a fix, it just hasn't been uploaded yet.

    And I thought I was being clever.

  3. I think I've found a bug with this mod. The repeating blaster rifles on the War Droid model are textured with C_DrdWar01 instead of the weapon texture. I actually found this accidentally while trying to replace the repeater mesh with the higher poly one using kotorblender. I thought I was doing something wrong at first, but I've tested this now using your unmodified files and an unmodified game and I get the same result. The version for KotOR 1 is textured correctly, and I've tried just converting that model with MDLedit but I get the same issue. I have also had success replacing the gun mesh in blender and it works in game, but I get the same texture bug there as well. Just to reiterate, the bug happens with unmodified files from your mod, and an unmodified game.

    Also I'd like to say High Quality Blasters is my all time favorite KotOR mod. It's not even close.


  4. Pretty Good! Icons for KotOR

    Pretty Good! Icons for KotOR 1.0 by ajdrenter

    This is a complete set of vanilla equipment icons for high resolution UI scaled configurations. Future updates will include mod specific icons. This mod is intended to be used with "KotOR High Resolution Menus" by ndix UR.

    The goal of this mod is not to fix any consistency issues or design oversights of Bioware's icons, rather it is to replace them as seamlessly and accurately as possible.

    Just drag and drop either the tpc OR tga files to your override. I recommend the tga version for maximum compatibility, as you may want to mix and match with other mods.

    Darth Tomer, SpaceAlex, and ebmar for "Three-tiered Dark Jedi Robe". A couple skins from this mod were used to more closely match the vanilla icons.
    Bioware and Lucasarts for all original assets.
    Thanks to the whole community for such a wonderful wealth of content over the years.

    You may use this mod for any non commercial use and without contacting me as long as you give me credit for my assets.

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    13 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

    No, Xoreos Tools doesn't properly convert all textures. The best solution is to use ndix UR's TPCView - https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1552-tpcview

    Not only  does it correctly convert them, but it also exports a TXI for any texture that needs it. To mass convert, select the TPCs, drag them over the TPCView window, hold down the ALT key, and release.


    I must've looked at the title of that program and assumed it was just a viewer. I can finally say goodbye to xoreos and your batch script LOL.

  6. 4 hours ago, Thor110 said:

    This is a great tool! Really handy to be able to see the menus and their contents using a folder of the gui textures and .gui files, one thing I have noticed is that the program cannot be opened twice.

    Which could prove useful for my project and other people for transferring values from one file to another though actually I could just use K-GFF editor + this in order to easily transfer values for my project but I am not sure which way I will do it yet.

    Thanks for the awesome tool!

    I don't have any issues with multiple instances of the application open at once.

    One problem I've had is that scrollbars all have the same coordinates and size, like they are all shown with the same attributes of the first one listed. This makes it a bit annoying to adjust them.

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  7. 55 minutes ago, Sith Holocron said:

    I covered this here.  However I'll quote relevant part and highlight it:


    My bad, I missed that part. I certainly wasn't suggesting that you or anyone go to the trouble of taking screenshots of all these mods. I just know that, to me, the original screenshots from a mod author (and the author's website and style really) are a big part of the history of these mods. As the purpose of this whole thing is mostly preservation, that's where my mind goes. So yeah I wasn't suggesting new screenshots, just the archiving of all material relating to these mods such as author screenshots, descriptions, readmes, artwork etc.

    I certainly hope I haven't offended as that was not my intent.

    Edit: I should also add: I am grateful for this community and its members, and especially to those of you who take steps to preserve the storied modding history of these games.

  8. When a file is dropped in override I believe it overrides any file the game looks for by that name. Modules can have files inside of them that have the same names as files in other modules. TSLPatcher can inject files into modules such that the injected file won't interfere with any other file by that name, like files that may exist in other modules. When the file p_bastila001.utc is put into the override folder, that file will be loaded anytime the game looks for a file with that name.

    Anyways I am sure that is the difference causing you an issue. As to why she turns invisible, I don't know. I would extract the p_bastila001.utc from lev_m40aa and compare them.

  9. Very Nice! Load Screens for KotOR

    Very Nice! Load Screens for KotOR 1.1 by ajdrenter

    This is a complete set of replacement load screens for high resolution UI scaled configurations. It includes compatibility patches for Jorak Uln's reskins, jc2's "Lehon Mandalorian Expansion", and Silveredge9's "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge". So far there is a 16x9 version and 4x3 version. This mod requires a high resolution user interface mod such as "KotOR High Resolution Menus" by ndix UR. I also recommend "HD MENUS AND UI Assets" by JackInTheBox, who's mod provided the template for this mod.

    Just drag and drop from your desired folders to your override.

    kotor - All base game load screens
    jorak - Screens for Jorak Uln's reskins
    jc2mando - Load screen for jc2's "Lehon Mandalorian Expansion"
    bos - All screens for Silveredge9's "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge"

    JackInTheBox for the base load screen texture which I used to do this whole mod. Thanks!
    Thanks to the whole community for such a wonderful wealth of content over the years.

    You may use this mod for any non commercial use and without contacting me as long as you give me credit for my assets. If you use assets belonging to JackInTheBox you must obtain consent from him either through his release documents or personal contact.

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  10. So what you need to do is, search your registry for the string "deadlystream". It should take you to some saved install info somewhere in the registry. Delete the whole key and then when you run the installer it will ask you where to install. TSLRCM does the same thing.