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  1. Is there a way to bring the 50+ heads into the main game?
  2. Hey Guys, I absolutely love this mod! In regards to the quest line "radiation leak", i can't seem to initiate dialogue with the robot IS-02 after speaking to IS-18 in regards to the code needed to access the main console on the Central zone. All IS-02 says is "I am sorry, but I am busy right now". As well, as some people have mentioned, I was originally unable to initiate dialogue with T3 about M4-78 after Korriban + it did not appear on my astro chart, so I had to use the warp code: 801dro, to get to the planet itself. I am not sure if this has caused an issue in the quest-line, but thankfully I have multiple saves before entering M4-78. I have installed TSLRCM before installing this mod.