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  1. You know, part of me wonders how K1 ported into TSL would work (any technical issues or limitations aside). Main reason I think about this is just because of how TSL handles things better than 1, such as upgrading items, datapad pop-ups and the ability to swap weapon sets. Another pro I could imagine would be better widescreen support, considering TSL is less of a hassle to work with compared to K1.

    1. L0ki194


      Theoretically speaking, perhaps one way of accomplishing said idea would be something akin to that of Fallout New Vegas' Tale of Two Wastelands mod. An example of how the player could start K1's story would be having a new prompt during the prologue that sends the player instead to the Endar Spire (or, if you want to skip ahead just have the player wake up in the Taris Apartment, or even further ahead to the Dantooine enclave.)

      Again, these are just ideas, I'm not here stating that I'm starting a conversion project or something. Just think the idea would be really cool, because TSL brought a lot of improvements that I wish could be carried back to K1 in some way (like how upgrades, datapads having a pop-up, and how the game handles higher resolutions better than K1).