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    Alright I covered all the melee animations (only related to the single saber ones since they are supposed to be using the axe) including attacks, parries and dodges but the choreography problem still exists since they have the axe equipped so I don't think there is nothing that can be done unless changing their .utc file. Also I mapped some other animations like "inject" (which is strangely used in the thugs dialogue) and some others like "runinj" and "pauseinj" that the piggies didn't have. The Vorn issue is still there I'm not sure why, I tried changing his appearance (since he uses Alien_Gammorean_03 instead of 01) but it didn't work. I dropped the files here anyway, maybe you can figure it out. gammorean anims.rar
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    After looking around on the forums, I realized that editing the GUI of KotOR (and possibly TSL) is quite painful and most people use K-GFF (very great tool, but not visual). I then found xoreos-tools (part of xoreos - a very cool open source project). So this weekend, I started up making my own version of a tool which should help a lot with the process of laying out things nicely. The project is not fully complete, but it is ready for some beta testing! A few features so far - Visual display of all images (I think) + bounding boxes - Supports drag + drop / resize - Nested view for only what you care about (cleaner than K-GFF) - Cross-platform - works on linux / windows / mac (with caveats) - Light / Dark Mode for all of you who look at too many bright things (like I do) Getting Started Guide: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor/blob/master/README.md Release Page: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor/releases Source Code: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor Changelog 0.0.4 (9/17/2020): First Public Release