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    Deadlystream for the past few months: As dead as Kotor 3. Deadlystream when my PC goes to the shop: The Sleheyron thread explodes to life.
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    Gathered Sith: "All hail the Mysterious Stranger! All hail the Mysterious Stranger! All hail the Mysterious Stranger!" Darth Revan: "Who the f... told them about that..." Evil Bastila: *giggles quietly*
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    Remember when people used to download a hundred mods that aren't theirs and compile them into one big mod pack and claim it was all their own work? Well in 2019, people compile a list of up to 49 mods and upload it to the internet as a "Free to Use Master list" claiming you can use other peoples mods in your own mod as if they where a modders resource. And of course, this was found on the Nexus. https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor/mods/1266?tab=files Here is a list of the modders included in this list, keep in mind that there is a 90% chance more than one of your mods were listed:
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    Aaaaand that's a wrap on CAPTURING FOOTAGE for The Soldier's Destiny!
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    Cyberpunk and this launching early 2020? Oh my!
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    Congradulations on winning on June 15th Eb with the most content. 🙂 Hopefully at some stage I'll return to this deadly stream after my long inactive break.
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    It seems to be when a company goes out of there way to please the "fans" it's always some of the worst imaginable stuff possible, and those of us that didn't ask for it or want it, don't seem to much matter.
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    The final trailer for The Soldier's Destiny is here:
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    Lol a "certain movie" Disney released a couple a months ago had me thinking if KOTOR 3 is ever made we would see things like Revan and Carth dying (no funeral, sorry Carth), Canderous would be an overweight drunk who abandons his people, Bastila would be so useless and have a "haircut", HK-47 would no longer want to kill and instead spends his time at DexterJettster's diner chilling with fans, and The Exile would find a way to make sure she can't the person is she now. So yeah, I'll stick with TJM if Disney ever releases a KOTOR 3. LOL!
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    I get unnecessarily peeved with thread bumps.
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    Have the MOTY 2018 winners not been announced yet?
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    We all hope to see you back with us soon. Best of luck with real life commitments!
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    This article is pretty spot on, although the author apparently has not played a level 30 character in TSL where you cut through NPCs like butter in the Trayus Academy. https://kotaku.com/lightsabers-in-video-games-are-too-weak-1835533610