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    Fantastic take on those as always! Your attention to details have served you well ^^ What do you think - will you make some Jedi robes as well?
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    *Looks my own NCS tool* Famous last words...
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    The next menu will be even better. It will be Vandar standing on a bar stool, so you can see him over the fog. After that, maybe T3 doing an Empire Strikes Back tribute.
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    Damn another dark jedi!
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    At the moment she is in development, still need to make a dark side and underwear for her.
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    I've got the setup pretty much ready so, will not take too long - I hoped. 🤞
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    That looks astonishing! It's going to be interesting to see an actual in-game footage of this re-texture in action. Though I'm not really a fan of PBR/photorealism implementation for KotOR series in particular, this work is greatly appreciated. There's something behind here...
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    Everything is much simpler. Work with a photo. Trial and error. Work in Photoshop.
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    Very nice, those tree textures are such a contrast though haha!
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    One of my favorite scenes, really like that you can actually fight them, only did that once, and felt so badly I instantly loaded back to cancel that action.
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    I'm starting to see a pattern here....are you possibly remastering all the heads in the game?
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    Wow... that's a neat icon!
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    This is worthy of reposting as the Screen of the week. All hail Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith.