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    Just out of the oven, freshly baked.
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    It was time to get a larger hard drive to have all of the raw footage for the EP documentary. Hopefully, this should be enough.
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    I wanted to say a big thank you to all of the Mod Authors that have let me include their Mods in the Expanded Galaxy Project. While continuuing to work on the Port and the main Project I will continue looking for decent mods / fixes for the second game to include. Also still looking for testers, suggestions and modders to get involved with the project, if you would like your mod included or would like to get involved then please message me on here or on Discord.
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    K2 Upscaled Maps by tunalex adds a nice polish to the game, especially if you have other graphic mods. Seems worth checking out, I certainly will next playthrough.
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    Five years since the release of my first film: Return of the Exile. Please enjoy this nightmarish grin from Zekk.
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    ICYMI: Echoes of the Past - out now!
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    Latest blog post, relating to release details for Echoes of the Past is up!
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    If you first install Jedi Items + 3.0.0, then Duplisaber in that order, it works and you can install anytime during the game (relatively early is best). The dissappearing texture glitch for Lightsabers, thanks to Hassat Hunter for this fix: https://steamcommunity.com/app/208580/discussions/0/496880503073184909/
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    That's a great picture right there. I didn't even know about Juan Giménez. Just learned about him searching for the image. Great futuristic vibes.
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    Was working on a little mod and came across "namefilter.2da"... lol
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    Me: *Loads Kotor Tool* *Kotor Tool's script compiling feature suddenly works* Me: *But now I can't edit any uti files* Me:
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    I removed the Cortosis Armor from the Jedi Items mod after someone commented on a glitch in the installer. Now, the mod can be copied to Override without the need for tslpatcher. Once the mod is good to go with screenshots and some more beta testing, I will release it.
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    Been a few years since I've really been around, any great new mods that have come out I should be aware of?