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    Words do not describe how excited and elated I am to have finally released one of my big projects. Thank you so much to everyone involved for helping make this a reality. Onto the next one!
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    I updated my KotOR Modding Tutorial series to cover some Blender basics. Should get into Blender more myself but really haven't had the time, these took but a few minutes and probably won't help anyone but they are there anyway. I believe the same or better in guidance is already available on the kotorblender download page.
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    I'm currently learning C++ to finally learn how to use TSLPatcher to pack mods. (Without just using the buttons ) Any advice that helped you get to know TSLPatcher like how to use, tokens, GFF data?
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    Happy birthday, @Logan23!
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    My copy of "BioWare - Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development" arrived today, and the first section I went to was the making of KotOR (Naturally), and I was surprised to see a page about Sleheyron, including the internal design notes for the planet. Not sure if this is going to be help to anyone, or even this is already known, but still... nice to see something new about the planet. PS. Sorry for the pictures, No scanner atm, and had to go with my phone.
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