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Pictures can be found here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=494176455


After being repeatedly asked to upload this to a non-steam download site I decided i'd stick it up here, here's the original description from steam:


This mod adds a plethora of wearable armours that are already present in the game but unequipable.
Each of these individual items are purchasable from the Duros merchant - Dendis Dobo - on telos at the beginning of the game


Ubese Bounty Hunter Armour
Sith Assassin Armour
All three colours of Mandalorian armour (Increasing in strength with rank. blue is weakest, gold is strongest)
Darth Revan Armour (Currently lacking cape flow animations, will be fixed soon)
Darth Nihilus Armour (fully animated)
Sith Soldier Armour
Sith Commando Armour


---------Item codes for cheaters-----------
sithninja - sith assassin armour
ubeseninja - ubese bounty hunter armour
poweredmando - Golden, powered mando armour
kamaitachi1 - Semi powered mando armou, can use force powers with this
nopower - No power mando armour, weakest of the three
sitharmour - Generic Sith Soldier armour
sithcommando - Sith Commando Armour
darthrevan1 - Revans armour
darklord1- Nihilus's armour


KNOWN BUGS :- can cause a weird glitch where there are no handmaidens on the polar base, saving outside after you've fought the assassin droids and temporarily removing the mod from your override folder until you've completed this mission seems to be the only real fix.


MUST INSTALL BEFORE FIRST VISIT TO TELOS. - this mod was made to be accessible from the beginning of the game :)


This mod ALTERS the default APPEARANCE.2da to allow certain models to be equipped by the player.


Revan Cape Animation Fix : http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/216-revans-flowing-robe-tsl/ <--- USEFUL if revan's clothes are not animated properly.


TSLRCM Compatibility : Debatable, use at own risk

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