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The ear is impressively good at distinguishing the most minute of differences between sounds, however without a context or direct comparison it can do an amazingly poor job at just that. This is why judging a sound mod just from listening to the sounds won't give you a clear picture of how good (or bad) the mod really is. From listening to the sound files from this mod out of game, they didn't sound all that impressive. However from experience I know these findings are generally inaccurate. Testing this mod in-game proved just that.


Just from the saber ignite sounds I knew this was going to be a very popular sound mod. Try it out and you'll see what I mean. Shem has taken some of the sound effects from the recent (as well as older) films and put them into KotOR and KotOR2. This not only adds a wider variety of sound variation, since the styles between the two trilogies are actually quite distinct, but it also simply improves the sounds, making them all the more impressive. Of course not only the saber ignition sounds have been changed. All the saber sounds, basically, have been enhanced, as well as several of the blaster sounds, using familiar sounds such as those from Han Solo's DL-44 pistol. Several Force sounds have also been changed, and luckily changing the Force saber throw sound to something that actually sounds like a saber has been a key change!


This is definitely a mod to look into if you're either disappointed with KotOR or KotOR2's original sounds, or if you just enjoy hearing new sound variations added to the game. I'd certainly recommend it.


Note: If I didn't make it clear in the review, this mod is compatible with both KotOR1 and KotOR2, so you can use it with either. Simply make sure to read the read-me before installing.



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