PMHC06 - Scruffy Nerf-Herder Reskin 1.0

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PMHC06 - Scruffy Nerf-Herder Reskin




AUTHOR: Mysquff




DESCRIPTION: Orginally I created this mod solely for my personal use, but decided to share some screenshots of it on /r/kotor. A few people showed interest in using it, so I decided to make it public.


I have to warn you about 2 issues:


1. I haven't done any Dark Side transformation. So basically, the face would stay the same no matter how many DS points you have.


2. I haven't fully worked out face texture maps yet, so there's no beard on under chin. It's barely visible, you have to look at the head from very low angle to see it, but I think I should mention it.


INSTALLATION: Unzip and place all files in your Override folder.


UNINSTALLATION: Go to your Override folder and delete following files: PMHC06.tga, PMHC06d1.tga, PMHC06d2.tga, po_PMHC06.tga, po_PMHC06d1.tga, po_PMHC06d2.tga.


PERMISSIONS: Do whatever you want with it - modify, share, reupload. It would be nice to give me some credit and let me know about it (maybe I'd like your version more than mine :), who knows?),but you don't have to wait for my permission before doing anything with it.




Obsidian for creating such an excellent game.


Creators of KotOR Tool.


Everyone at /r/kotor for making my experience with KotOR series much more enjoyable (because of discussions and mod recommendations).


/u/BreadtheWholeTime for the inspiration for the name :)

What's New in Version 1.0


  • Version 1.0
  • Just basic mod, I doubt I'd change something in the future, but who knows...

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Guest marcrusa


Great Reskin, we just need dark side transformation textures and we'll be good.

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